Project Detail

    • Rice Processing


    • ₦500,000

      Per Unit

    • Return


    • Duration

      12 Months


Rice Processing

In 2019, we empowered several Hundreds of Rural Small Holder Farmers to cultivate 11,000 Tonnes of Rice. With its success, we sold 4,000 Tonnes to successfully payback our Farm Sponsors who worked with us in ensuring we raise the standard of living of the small holder farmer. As at today we currently do have in stock 7,000 Tonnes of Paddy from what was harvested in 2019 as well as took advantage of the Glut in the market at harvest last year to purchase an additional 7,000 Tonnes totaling 14,000 Tonnes we have in stock. Howbeit, we are delighted as we have successfully partnered with KGM Rice Mill situated in Kebbi State with a world class Rice Processing plant to Mill and Process our 14,000 Tonnes which when completed, can successfully cater for 280,000 households in 2020. To ensuring this is done, we have successfully broken this into units at 63,000 per unit for a 27% Return after 12 Months to enable you to be a part of it as we affect the lives of not just the rural small holder farmers but also 280,000 households in the country in 2020/2021. Do take advantage of the opportunities today and be a part of the success story as you earn as well. #HappyFarmersHappySponsors

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