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About Us

Welcome to Winich Farms

WINICH FARMS is a top leading Agro Tech platform whose basic objective is to provide individuals an opportunity to be an active stakeholder in Agriculture.

We are a top runner in Nigeria's Digital Agriculture, improving the standard of living of rural farmers by making seeds available in improved varieties, educating the farmers on new and modern techniques in agriculture as well as providing a large scale platform for rural farmers to connect with their market.

WINICH FARMS was established in 2016 under the name of ATTAI'S BEANS as our main focus then was in the farming of Cowpea (Beans).

However, over the years, several crops has been added to the bank of crops that we have specialized in ranging from Rice, Millet, Cassava, Sweet Potato, Guinea corn, Maize, Pepper, Tomatoes, Onion to mention but a few, thus a reform was required to accommodate the expansion In addition, We have successfully utilized over 61Acres of arable land cultivating various crops as well as empowered 50local farmers and still counting, thereby, driving food security and improving standard of living